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3,000 Homes 

This past mid-term cycle, Lisa and her 14 year old daughter, along with a volunteer team, walked precincts for 6 weeks and reached over 3,000 voters for local, state and federal candidates!

3 Point Plan:

  1. Strategy

  2. Ballot Harvesting

  3. Build GOP Bench in our valley!

Experienced: in strategic planning with counties region wide.

Region Wide Plan: the 2024 Election has already begun! 


Physician Assistant
Lisa was born and raised in Fresno County and at age 13, she worked alongside her mother in the fields and helped care for her siblings. As a singe mother and graduate of  California State University Fresno and UC Davis, Lisa instilled in her children the value of education. As a Healthcare Provider for over 20 years, service is her heart. 


WE ARE the future of the Republican Party!  

Forward together,

Lisa Moreno

Contact Lisa!

(559) 313-5799

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Lisa Moreno PA-C
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