MEET LISA!  NEW Leadership For Tomorrow

Born and Raised in the Central Valley

At age 13, I worked alongside my mother in the fields, helped care for my siblings, and as a single mother, worked many part-time jobs: fast-food, pharmacy, and in Fresno area hospitals while earning degrees from California State University Fresno and UC Davis.

Professional Background

I have served in Healthcare for over 20 years; 10 years as a Physician Assistant in: Primary Care, Acute Mental Health, Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology. Currently practicing at a hospital in Fresno.

Change is Overdue

I bring grassroots strategies to aggressively and proactively face challenges head on: changing voter demographics, new system of registering voters, ballot harvesting, no more time for talk. Time for ACTION!

As Vice Chair for the Central Valley, I will work with each County Republican Committee to share the highest and best practices in fundraising, voter outreach, candidate development, and volunteer recruitment. I will also make certain they understand the resources that are available to them through the CAGOP.

The systematic and calculated attacks against our party to ensure Republicans are not elected has affected each of us. It's personal. It has hit home. No more!

There is a cure! Our platform and core will not change, our method will: attract and retain the younger generation while inviting former Republicans, welcome Independents and new voters as never before.

Our bench building begins now!  We will leave no seat behind. No one nor no office is too small, too big, unlikely or unattainable. Our Conservative message will be without measure: constant, consistent and counteracting! ALWAYS, and EVERYDAY!  Why? Because election season is every day. Our relationship with ALL voters is critical. We will nurture it consistently: home by home, block by block, precinct by precinct.

Since July of 2018, by car, train, plane, my goal to meet, call and listen to connect personally with Republicans in the 11 Counties has been a true blessing. We know what it takes. You've said you're ready and so am I.

Service is my heart. I seek to serve YOU and the Conservatives of California.

No more business as usual. With you, with us; WE will be the desperately needed breath of fresh air and the NEW face of the Republican Party!  

Grateful and Eager to Start,

Lisa Moreno

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2018 Chair, Fresno County Central Committee Candidate Recruitment

Chair Fresno County John Cox for Governor 2018

Member, Fresno County Republican Central Committee

Member Republican Women Federated 

Member, Fresno CRA

Member Republican Women Alliance

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(559) 313-5799