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"No more business as usual! Opponents are organizing right now, targeting seats at the local, state, and federal level. We will fight in the trenches proactively, counter opponents at every step and fight harder for every vote, no one will outwork us." 
#1 Voter Registration:
Welcome Back Voters Who Have Left the GOP and Attract Millennial's Who Seek Opportunity

Action Plan:

  • Each County to determine where they have the greatest potential for gains.

  • Identify organizations that have consistent values.

  • Aggressive Approach to Voter Registration: Increase visibility: community events, INS Citizenship Ceremonies, High Schools, Colleges, and Universities.

#3 Messaging To All
Our Message DOES NOT Change. Delivery Method WILL
Action Plan:
  • Customize our message.
  • Maximize technological methods of reaching voters.
  • Aim to earn the critical votes that are defining elections.
#2 Counter Attacks Against Republicans


 Create a Consistent, Calculated Media Campaign 

Action Plan:

  • Coordinated, proactive approach.

  • Republicans will set the tone, on our terms.

#4 Build Our Bench

Proactive NOT Reactive: Recruit & Identify candidates NOW

Action Plan:

  • Strategically build campaigns NOW for the March 3, 2020 primary. 

  • Advocate for: Candidate support from Republican Party.

  • Build and solidify alliances with affiliate organizations that share our values.

#5 Branding: Same Principles Different Approach
Commitment: Customize to Target Audience: One Size Does NOT Fit All
Action Plan: 
  • Reintroduce fundamental principles of Conservatism
  • Re-Brand Campaign, media appearances by Republicans 
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